The Art of More

During a tour in Iraq, Graham Connor encounters a smuggling ring that helps him rise above his blue collar roots and make it into elite society. While the world proves to be glamorous, it also has a dark underbelly full of hustlers, smugglers, power mongers, and those who collect the beautiful and esoteric. Cary Elwes stars as Connor’s shrewd and unusual mentor, and Dennis Quaid plays the role of Samuel Brukner, a charismatic real estate shark who is the life of the party but ruthless and corrupt when it comes to money.



Creative Director | Jake Munsey


Yu + Co

Creative Director | Garson Yu

Team Yu + Co | Mert Kizilay, Ilgi Candar, David Rowley, Zhenya Hovhannisyan, Eric Stoiqa

Special thanks to David Rowley for coming up with the idea and art directing it all the way through to the finish.